Digital business experts


Just because business has become increasingly digital doesn't mean you have to be.

Let us handle the online processes that will bring your business into the 21st century.

Whether it's tools for project management or team collaboration, recommendations around optimizing the flow of information, or advice about new and better technologies to employ, we're on top of the tools you need to compete in today's business environment.

Business Consulting Services.

Is your business looking to undertake a new project? Perhaps it’s a new website, a software migration, or a mobile application development.

All too often money gets thrown away on projects that have an outcome that doesn’t fit the original needs of the business. We have the unique position of being perfectly placed halfway between the technical IT space, which is about understanding the technology, and the non-technical business space, which is about understanding the people and their needs.

Let us make sure that your own projects are delivered on time and with the outcomes you desire.

Does your business need to change the way it does things to keep growing? Successful change does not come solely from the fact the new way is better than the old way. Businesses are made up of groups of people, and people can be averse to change no matter how much of a difference it makes to your efficiencies.

Are you installing new systems, software, or equipment? Having trouble getting your staff to adopt new practices? Let our expert change management consultants help cushion the initial impacts of changes in the way things get done, and help your staff to adapt to the new way of doing things in a slow and controlled manner.

Keeping track of all that stuff you had to buy to make it all work can be tedious and time consuming. Most of the time we spend the money getting it all setup, and just hit the ground running.

As your team grows, the amount of stuff you acquire grows with it. Knowing what you own, who has it, and how much it is worth is important for a lot of different reasons. Insurance, Tax efficiency, and security to name a few.

The introduction of an Asset Management System is an important thing in any business. We can help you to catalogue what you own, the model types, serial numbers, and how much it cost you. We can also introduce Asset Tracking so you can work out where any item is at a given making, making sure you don’t suffer any unnecessary loss.

The various systems and software that goes to make up the entire scope of your businesses operations can be numerous. Double entry, second guessing, and inconsistent records can be the headache of any business operation. Getting them all to work together is the name of the game. Discuss with us your specific needs and we can assess the possibility of integrating your existing systems in a way that reduces your workload and increases your productivity. We can look over your entire business systems from a fresh vantage point, and help you to find newer more efficient ways of doing things.

What would happen to your business if you were hit by a fire, flood, or power outage? Where would you operate, how would you operate?

A disaster recovery plan is a system of procedure that you have in place to ensure that in the event of an emergency your business can continue to operate. We know what it takes to keep a business running, and we can design a disaster recovery plan to suit your needs and budget.


If you want your computer guys to be reliable, honest, upfront, and no nonsense, look no further than IT Jungle.


- Justin Thorpe, General Manager