IT Support Services

Remote & on-site services



Imagine an entire IT team at your disposal without the desks or staff overheads? Enter IT Jungle. We are your locally based fully outsourced IT team. We’ll manage the entire IT needs of your business for an affordable monthly spend. 

IT Support Services

We've built our business around providing the entire range of services of an in-house IT team - without taking up a single desk in your office. Almost everything required of IT in a modern office can be maintained remotely, whether it's support, backups, security or software maintenance.


Our remote monitoring and maintenance software allows us to have 24/7 monitoring of your IT environment, which means we can proactively respond to problems as they arise - the likelihood is we'll have fixed most issues before your staff ever realise something went wrong.

And for those rare instances where it's a real hardware problem, we can be on-site at a time that suits you. Fast, efficient, and out of your hair in no time.

Our state of the art remote monitoring and maintenance software enables us to keep track of your computer health without even having to come onsite. This means less interruptions to your staff, and reduces losses in productivity. The days of the monthly computer health check are over, our monitoring services are on 24/7 and allow us to respond to potential issues before they even become issues, reducing the potential impact on your bottom line. We can program our monitoring software to perform important computer maintenance tasks automatically at a time of your choice, and at the frequency you desire.

What’s the point of spending money on hardware and software to setup a backup system when you know you don’t have somebody onsite all the time that knows how to check it daily, or perform test restores every now and then. This is where managed backup comes in. Our backup systems check back in to our head office on a daily basis to confirm that backups have completed successfully, so you can be informed immediately that there is an issue with your backup, rather than finding out the only things you can restore are 6 months old.

All you have to worry about is one set monthly cost and you can rest assured your data is safe.

Online communication is vital for controlling the flow of information within a business.

Want to forward emails automatically to multiple people? Need assistance sharing calendars, contacts, or mailbox folders?

We do this for a living, let us take the stress out of Email, Contacts, and Calendars. We can provide a fully managed email platform for your business and handle the entire process from setup, migration, and ongoing support. With a variety of email technologies available from top vendors, we are certain to have a service that meets your specific needs.

Printers constantly breaking down? Paper jams driving you crazy? Cost of consumables sending you broke?

Don’t let printing costs be a thorn in your side. Managed Print services set you with state of the art printing equipment that doesn’t break down, and keeps your printing costs under control with simple cost per page style monthly billing.

Is your internet crawling to a halt? Too slow to get the job done or constantly dropping out? It can be so frustrating to be held back by a poor connection. What about your phones? Can't hear the person on the other end of the line? Or would you like to move away from advertising your direct mobile number everywhere?

We partner with a wide range of Australian internet and telephone providers and we can help you choose the best connection for your area and your needs. We often configure two or more connections at a single location providing fail-over and resilience to outages in the area.


If you want your computer guys to be reliable, honest, upfront, and no nonsense, look no further than IT Jungle.


- Justin Thorpe, General Manager