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Not only can we reduce your IT management costs, we can reduce the overhead your business invests in infrastructure full stop.

The days of spending many thousands of dollars to get the technologies you need to compete in the world of business are over, courtesy of affordable cloud services. While 'the cloud' might sound like a buzzword, it's a tried-and-true means of getting your hands on the big business technology without the big business spend.

Cloud Services

Cloud is just marketing slang for anywhere, anytime. That’s exactly how we all want and need to access our emails, contacts, and calendars.

We offer a selection of cloud email services from top vendors. We can offer you an end to end fully managed cloud email service with flexible per user billing on a monthly or an annual basis. We do all the initial setup and provide all the ongoing support. We can also offer migration services to help you get all your existing email uploaded in the cloud.

Technological advancement has meant that business is more and more mobile. The concept of telephone calls and emails in the car or the cafe is old hat. Imagine having access to every single file you have, anywhere, everywhere. By working with us to leverage the latest cloud storage technologies you can do just that. You can even compose and edit documents right from your mobile phone or tablet.

We all know backups are essential. It’s all very well to have the idea that backups are important in your mind, but that doesn’t get them done. Many people have backup systems that rely on volatile USB media, or rotating dusty tapes. The fact you have to actually remember to do it, and take time out of your day at that is enough to see that it doesn’t get done.

Online backups are easy to setup, and work ongoing without human interaction. You don’t have to be sceptical about security either, our online backup service employs military grade encryption and is much more flexible and reliable than traditional backup setups.

Do you have multiple staff all working remotely on their own computers? Wouldn't it be great to have them login to a central system where data is never transmitted and you have full control over?

Cloud desktops are a great way to seamlessly deploy computers to staff without having to outlay a bunch of money for workstations or laptops only to have them lost, damaged or stolen! All you need to get started is an internet connection.

These days we have the flexibility to choose whether we want a physical server in the office or a virtual server hosted in the cloud. There are pros and cons of both solutions, however many organisations are in fact, choosing to move their servers into the cloud.

Why choose a cloud server? Well a few key reasons, first is no need to worry about hardware upgrades or replacing failed disks. This is all done for you and upgrading resources is a click of a button away. Secondly, by removing the server from your office you now have more office space, less power consumption and no need to worry about physically securing the room that the server was residing in.

There are other benefits to choosing the cloud, call us now to find out what's right for you.

A website is the outside world’s window into your business. We all know we need one, but sometimes we have to team up with some inflexible operators to get things done. Forget it, team up with IT Jungle and experience the difference in service you receive. We have 100% Australian based webhosting services and can offer you dedicated hosting on servers based in the major city of your choice. Our prices are reasonable and our service is legendary. We also have a wide range of domain names available to you.


Our staff are not here to be IT specialists and IT Jungle gives us the freedom to get on with what we’re good at - building high quality residential homes for the rich, privileged and famous!


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