IT Security

If your data is important enough to protect we'll safeguard your systems


The health of your computers and networks is paramount to ensuring you are operating in way that ensures both your privacy and security. IT Jungle understands the importance of controlling what sort of content goes in and out of your network. Whether it’s about protecting the valuable intellectual property of your business, or keeping your family members safe online, we have a solution to meet you needs.

  • Antivirus Endpoint Software – We have our own purpose built antivirus solution based on an industry leading malware detection engine. 
  • Antivirus Perimeter Defense – Our tools monitor malicious traffic coming in from the internet and block it before it reaches your computers.
  • Inbox Protection, Spam Filtration – Stop spam from reaching your mailbox and block any unwanted senders with our spam filtration.
  • Inbox Protection, URL Defense – We can automatically analyse links in email and block known phishing and malware websites.
  • Inbox Protection, Attachment Defense – Scan and delete malicious email attachments before it is delivered to the Inbox.
  • Firewalls – A firewall could protect you from unsavoury content, as well as loss of income due to hacking or theft of intellectual property.